Exclusive Interior Design Is Our Philosophy

Interior Studio was founded in 1993 and has become locally and nationally recognized as a leading Interior Design Firm. Innovative techniques, customized interior planning, and impeccable service have allowed us to skyrocket to success and maintain a strong and loyal clientele.
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Providing authentic and mindful spaces that are 100% customized to each client has been and always will be the number one priority for the designers at Interior Studio. A commitment to extensive documentation and archiving of past projects, along with progressive sourcing and implementation allows us to provide clients with original materials and pieces that are never used twice.

Rely on Our Team and Enjoy the Process!

We discuss every detail with our clients to deliver them exactly what they want. At the same time we offer and perform creative and elegant ideas for the most beautiful interior performing. Our responsibility is to create your dream interior,  so you could feel yourself comfortable and calm in a new space.

Clients are Important

Each client of our interior agency is our best friend, whom we want to make an incredible gift through high-quality results.


Do you love experiments? It is an inevitable part of our everyday life. Creativity cant live without experimental approaches.

Personal Growth

Open the world of interior design with our company. Both our staff and clients are able to improve their personal architecture vision.

Our Mission

Our professional and creative crew combines experts who finished hundreds of amazing and modern engineering projects for a wide range of clients.

These clients are fully satisfied and keep collaborating with us on an ongoing basis to develop their businesses, homes and other architecture designs.

Years of Experience
Our agency was established in 2005 to provide high-quality interior design
Qualified Employees

We have gathered a team of true design pros, who know everything about interiors.

Successful Projects

All projects we designed received great feedback from our customers.

Interior Design Vision

Our philosophy is grounded in providing a practical, economically viable and environmentally responsible design.


Our team has designed hundreds of multi-family, mixed-use, retail and hospitality projects throughout the southeast and beyond.


We are committed to incorporating sustainable design strategies into all of our projects. It is woven into our design practices.


We have planners that are knowledgeable of architectural requirements and architects that know all about planning requirements.


We have a multi-disciplined approach. Our clients enjoy an added value through the planning, architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design.

I chose this company because of their superior range of design capabilities and their insightful advice during pre-construction planning. Their knowledge, experience and attention to detail has proven invaluable to me in creating a superior finished project, which attracts more visitors to my restaurant.
Matthew Perkins
Restaurant owner
The sensitivity, knowledge, vision and ultimate execution this firm brought to the table was tremendous. The renovation of my home could not be the success it has become without their involvement and the professionalism of their team.
Elizabeth Johnson
House owner